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Trent D. Miller

Managing Partner

A graduate of The Delaware Law School - Widener University School of Law, Trent earned Dean's Honors.  Even as a law student intern for a defense firm, Trent earned the distinction of a footnote in a ground-breaking case introducing the "educational malpractice" defense to Delaware law.  He proposed the applicability of the defense and it was litigated on appeal en banc Delaware Supreme Court, becoming the law of Delaware.

As an undergraduate at Syracuse University, Trent majored in English, made the Dean's List and was socially active in the fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon.

As an attorney, Trent began his career on the east coast of Florida and made partner in an established Miami-based insurance defense firm, opening their flagship office in southwest Florida in 2001.  Splitting from that firm in early 2007, Trent established Miller & Miller - with then partner and wife, Lesa Miller, Esq.  

Trent has appeared as defense counsel in courts throughout the state of Florida and routinely travels to distant venues.  He has taken many cases to trial in his 20 plus years of defense practice.  He has proven up defenses to all manner of claims, including exposure/environmental hazard claims, heart/lung claims, presumption cases, catastrophic/permanent total disability claims and fraud cases.

In workers' compensation, Trent has successfully procured defense verdicts, establishing claimants as having engaged in insurance fraud and assisted state prosecutors in the subsequent criminal prosecutions stemming from those verdicts.  Trent has also handled appeals to the district court of appeal level including appearing in cases briefed to the Florida Supreme Court.

A resident of Bradenton for over a decade, Trent enjoys sports, movies and spending time with his wife of over 15 years and four children.

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